Bridging the gap in the chemical marketplace.

You focus on Chemicals, leave its commerce on us.

Our vision is to receive recognition as a leader in the distribution of chemical solutions across multiple industries. We aim to meet your specifications with quality assurance and prompt service.

In the glimpse of demand, we, the people best in our work, have established Chemical Partners India (CPI) out of a passion for chemistry and its trading. We put our collective experience and knowledge about the business of more than 50 years to work for our clients every single day.

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Why Chemical Partners India ?

As a bridge connecting the buyers and suppliers around the globe, we are expanding our channels online and offline to better bond the two parties and match the best solutions to each one of our customers through our global networking.

Our commitment is demonstrated daily in our efforts to serve our customers with high quality products and services, which are tailored to the customers’ wants, designed to meet their requirements, and delivered to meet their expectations.

We continuously strive to make sure that all our solutions are always to-the-point and cost-effective. This is how we win trust from our customers and partners. And the trust by them also means great responsibility.

Our employees who are fulfilling the customers’ requirements with their expertise, reliability and inventive spirit are the major driving force behind our success. We value all their efforts and respect each one of them for the contributions they’ve made.

You can trust us to deliver our best and start a lengthy beneficial mutual business relationship.

Our forward thinking startegy and leadership fuels us to provide innovative solutions and competitive advantage to our clients.

Your partner in enhancing chemicals.

Acing the commerce
of chemicals.

CPI is the firm in distribution of versatile chemicals-connecting chemical manufacturers and end users to provide innovative business solutions. With a robust team and business model, we are dedicated to satisfy the needs of customers - ensuring that every order is delivered with speed, quality and accuracy.

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